I Love Thrifting Off Season!

Hey my fellow thriftanistas sorry this post is so late in the evening. It’s been a very busy day. Let me ask you all a question. Do you thrift off-season???? I do and I LOVE IT. I have thrifted some of my greatest treasures when I shop off-season. I shop this way for 2 reasons. First even in resale off-season clothing seems to be priced cheaper. The second reason is that I am easily able to scoop up the fabulous off-season fashions because most shoppers are looking for things to wear right now. With that in mind a few weeks ago I decided I would not thrift anymore summer fashions. It’s only so many summer dresses one can have and I have A LOT. So instead on my most recent thrifting adventures I have been looking to get some fabulous fall finds. My latest excursion took me to one of my favorite Salvation Army’s. One thing to note about the Salvation Army is that each week they have 1 color ticket half off. This weeks 50% ticket is tan. I stepped in the store got my cart and let the hunt begin. I love this Salvation because they price most of their merchandise very  reasonably. To make a long story short I bought 2 coats, 1 jacket, and 4 dresses for a total of $13.10. Needless to say I had an awesome thrifting day. I could have gotten much more but I TRY to pace myself ;). Check out the pictures below to see my amazing fall finds.

Until Next Time Smooches,

The “Thrifty” Fashionista

Beautiful tan Merona Coat $1.53

Cute Plaid coat $3.00

I can see me now with this jacket, a cute grey mini skirt and some hot tights. I see fashion in my sleep lol. Jacket $2.06

Max Studio Dress $0.78 (78 cent)

Forever 21 dress $1.03

Forever 21 dress $1.03. I can see this with mustard colored tights, my grey suede scrunch boots and my thrifted vintage gray leather jacket BAM!

Akira Sweater dress $2.56. I love me some thrifted Akira :)!!!!

Drumroll please……………. the GRAND TOTAL is $13.10. How can you beat it????













4 Stores, 2 Days, 1 AMAZING Haul!

Good afternoon my fellow thriftanistas. Sorry I have been out of touch the last couple days. I have not sat still since Saturday. Between my daughters performances and my son being a little under the weather it has been a busy stretch of days. Hectic times like this is when I NEED to thrift the most. Thrifting is a great stress reliever. It’s almost better than ………. well maybe not quit lol. Any-who me being who I am I could not have gotten through the last couple days without out my thrift fix. What can I say? I truly have a thrifting addiction. So with minimal time I found my way to 4 stores in 2 days and have 1 amazing haul to share with you all. Thrifting addiction completely SATISFIED. I think I even have an afterglow. Okay you all know I’m silly :). Until next time my fellow thriftanistas SMOOCHES!

P.S. I went to Unique, Salvation Army, The Village and Goodwill

Thrifted from Head to Toe. Juicy Couture Dress $.90 special (90 cent). Thrifted neckage $2.00. $1.00 hollar earrings, thrifted hat $2.00 (last year find), fringe boots $6.99.

Another Juicy Couture Dress $3.49

BCBG MAX AZRIA $.90 (90 cent special)

Another $.90 (90 cent special). I love the pockets on this dress.

Denim Romper $2.50

Another Cute Romper $3.99

Cute Arden B.  $.90 (90 cent special)

Another Cute Romper $2.56

Cute Floral Dress $.90 (90 cent special)

Fabulous STEVEN by Steve Madden Shoes $3.49

I LOVE THRIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Todays Fashion Are Hot No Doubt……..But a Vintage Look Will Make You Really Stand Out!!

All fashion repeats itself. There may be small variations but I would venture to say that 98% of today’s fashions originated with a fabulous look from the past. The thing that I truly love about wearing vintage clothing is that it allows me to be UNIQUE. I don’t have to worry about seeing my look over and over again because there isn’t carbon copies of the items in every store. Don’t get me wrong I love SOME (not all) current trends  but every now and then I get really inspired to rock a hot vintage look. While other times I may wear something current and just add a fabulous vintage piece to the mix (brooch, purse, jacket, necklace, etc). You know as John Witherspoon said in Boomerang “you’ve got to cooooooorrrrrdinate”. With spring just around the corner, I decided to see what new and fabulous vintage looks I could create. You know I’ll have to be able to style and profile in the warm weather months. Check out my Vintage Style: 101 video to see some of the fabulous vintage pieces I own and how I put them together. I hope the video inspires you to add a little vintage to your wardrobe. I’m sure I don’t need to give this disclaimer but I will anyway. EVERYTHING IS THRIFTED!!!!! I’m the Thrifty Fashionista so I’m sure you expected nothing less.


The Thrifty Fashionista

How is this for VINTAGE??? Summer here I come!

P.S. Check out a fellow fashionista, customer and friend who can really rock a vintage look.

You Go Miss V.

Confessions of a Thrift Store Fashionista…….Thrift Haul the Sequel!!!!

Hey my fellow thriftanista’s I hope you all had a wonderful President’s day. Did you go and take advantage  of the fabulous 50% off sales going on in your neck of the woods? If so what FABULOUS things did you find to add to your thrifty wardrobe? I have spent my day working on my new endeavor……..video blogging.  I have been greatly inspired by all of the fabulous thrift haul videos on Youtube. I posted my first video last week and although the haul was GREAT the video quality wasn’t that good.  My camcorder wasn’t working correctly so my video was a tad dark. However not one to be deterred  I went out and bought myself a new Sony Bloggie so I could take 2.  So with out further ado here is Confessions of a Thrift Store Fashionista………Thrift Haul the Sequel. I would love to here what you think so please leave me a comment.


“The Thrifty Fashionista”

Thrift haul skirt and top $.96 a piece from the Salvation Army


The Valentines Day Dollar Holla!!!! What Can You Buy for a $1.00

Roses are red, violets are blue I had a fabulous Valentines Day, how about you? Okay I know that Valentines Day was a couple of days ago but my computer put me on punishment and wouldn’t allow me to talk to you guys and gals (it was acting CRAZY). Any-who for me Valentines Day means spending time with the ones you love most and doing what makes you happy. This V-Day I did both. I spent the evening with the loves of my life (my babies) and the earlier part of the day doing what I love. Can you guess what that is? I will give you a hint, it’s starts with a thr and ends with an ift. If you guessed thrift you would be correct. Vanna tell them what they won, a new ……………. just kidding. On Tuesday one of my favorite thrift store chains had a fantabulous (spell check says this is a made up word) Valentines Day sale. The sale was $1.00 for anything red, pink or with hearts. Yes I said it $1.00. That can be $1.00 bill, 4 quarters, 10 dimes, 20 nickles or 100 pennies. Anyway you slice it you can’t beat a “dollar holla”. I dropped my kids off at school that morning and was off to have some V-day fun.I got to the thrift store at about 9:15 a.m. and headed straight for the coat aisle. Take note one of the major rules I use when shopping a sale like this one is to get as much bang for my buck as possible. What this means is that instead of getting the $5.99 shirt for a $1.00, I go for the $29.99 coat for that very same $1.00. There is a much greater value in getting the higher priced item for a $1.00. Anyway back to the coat aisle. I found 11 amazing coats and jackets for a grand total of $11.00. I also found 3 pair of cute pants. My Valentines Day was off to a great start and this was just the beginning. I visited 2 other stores 0n my Valentines Day journey. In total I bought 23 items that would have retailed for $329.27  and I only spent $23.00 plus tax. How can you beat it??? I bought to many items to show all the pictures so I created my first thrift haul video. Please click the link below to watch the video. It was my first video so please be kind. Make a girl feel good about herself. All in all I would have to say that I had a wonderful Valentines Day. I spent time with my first, second and third loves (my daughter, my son and thrifting)……..ain’t love GRAND!


The Thrifty Fashionista

P.S.  Sorry the video is a little dark but my camera was in cahoots with my computer (acting CRAZY).

Red Leather Jacket $1.00 (Sooooooo Cute)

Fabulous Red Cape $1.00 ( You better work girl) 🙂