I Love Thrifting Off Season!

Hey my fellow thriftanistas sorry this post is so late in the evening. It’s been a very busy day. Let me ask you all a question. Do you thrift off-season???? I do and I LOVE IT. I have thrifted some of my greatest treasures when I shop off-season. I shop this way for 2 reasons. First even in resale off-season clothing seems to be priced cheaper. The second reason is that I am easily able to scoop up the fabulous off-season fashions because most shoppers are looking for things to wear right now. With that in mind a few weeks ago I decided I would not thrift anymore summer fashions. It’s only so many summer dresses one can have and I have A LOT. So instead on my most recent thrifting adventures I have been looking to get some fabulous fall finds. My latest excursion took me to one of my favorite Salvation Army’s. One thing to note about the Salvation Army is that each week they have 1 color ticket half off. This weeks 50% ticket is tan. I stepped in the store got my cart and let the hunt begin. I love this Salvation because they price most of their merchandise very  reasonably. To make a long story short I bought 2 coats, 1 jacket, and 4 dresses for a total of $13.10. Needless to say I had an awesome thrifting day. I could have gotten much more but I TRY to pace myself ;). Check out the pictures below to see my amazing fall finds.

Until Next Time Smooches,

The “Thrifty” Fashionista

Beautiful tan Merona Coat $1.53

Cute Plaid coat $3.00

I can see me now with this jacket, a cute grey mini skirt and some hot tights. I see fashion in my sleep lol. Jacket $2.06

Max Studio Dress $0.78 (78 cent)

Forever 21 dress $1.03

Forever 21 dress $1.03. I can see this with mustard colored tights, my grey suede scrunch boots and my thrifted vintage gray leather jacket BAM!

Akira Sweater dress $2.56. I love me some thrifted Akira :)!!!!

Drumroll please……………. the GRAND TOTAL is $13.10. How can you beat it????













Happy 10th Anniversary Akira Chicago!

Happy Monday my fellow thriftanistas.I know your dying to see what awesome treasures I found at all the thrifty sales this weekend. However I will reveal them in my next post. Today I want to take the time to say Happy 10th Anniversary to a fabulous, fashion forward, trend setting boutique called Akira Chicago. For those that don’t know Akira Chicago is an upscale boutique that started in Chicago’s Wicker Park/Bucktown area in 2002. They have since grown to 17 stores throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Now I have to honestly admit that I have never actually been in Akira. I can hear you all saying “then why are you wishing them happy anniversary?”. My reason is two-fold. Reason one I love fashion, in addition I salute any business that has 10 years of longevity and continues to stay fashion forward. The second reason is because I own 6 fabulous Akira dresses (via my local thrift store). So although I am not an Akira shopper……….I am an Akira lover. Who know’s I may even have to stop at my local Akira store to see what fabulous sales they having going. You all know if I buy RETAIL it has to be on SALE :). Anywho check out the picks below to see some of my fabulous Akira finds.

The Thrifty Fashionista

Thrifted Akira Dress $8.90 with 50% off

Me looking fabulous in my thrifted Akira dress and thrifted Nine West Shoes!

Thrifted Akira dress $8.99 with 50% off

I love thrifty Fashion!!!!!!!

Thrifted Akira dress $7.49 with 50% off

Thrifted Akira dress $7.49 with 50% off

I love this dress but it’s a little baggy and a little long for me. I smell a give away coming :). Oh and I have on thrifted shoes by LAMB.

I know you guys have already seen this picture but it’s Akira and I LOVE IT!!!!








Thrifty Look of The Day: A Little JUICY Anyone!

Happy Tuesday my fellow thriftanistas. I just wanted to share one of my fabulous looks for less. This ensemble is perfect for a beautiful summer day.

Have a Fabulous Day,

The Thrifty Fashionista

Yellow and White Polka Dot Vintage Hat: Unique Thrift Store $1.50
Yellow Earrings: Unique Thrift Store: $.75
Juicy Couture Halter Dress: Unique Thrift Store $3.00
Royal Blue Patent Leather Vintage Purse: Salvation Army $3.00
Yellow and White Polka Dot Wedge Sandals: Rainbow $3.00 Clearance
Grand Total: $11.25

Thrifting BUY the LB!

Hey my fellow thriftanistas I will keep this post short and sweet. Recently one of my Local Salvation Army’s had a thirft BUY the LB (pound) sale. They had boxes, and boxes and more boxes of merchandise to look through. Oh and did I mention all the items were 87 cent a pound? Can you say phenomenal? I had never seen anything like it in my life. I have heard of stores doing this in other cities. However I never knew of anyone having this sale in Chicago. Of course you know THE THRIFTY FASHIONISTA had to check it out. I found some amazing thrifted treasures. There were to many to photograph so please check out the video below to see all of my fabulous finds. Spoiler alert I scored another pair of Manolo Blahnik’s.


The “Thrifty” Fashionista

The Thrifting Gods Are Real: Part 1

Good morning, my fellow thriftanistas I hope you had a great weekend and a fabulous Monday. I spent a wonderful weekend with my amazing family annnnnnddddddd the “Thrifting Gods” smiled upon me. If you are saying to yourself who are these “Thrifting Gods” she is always referring to let me tell you. This past Wednesday my big brother’s car had a serious meltdown. This was unfortunate for several reasons. The first reason being that this obviously left him without a car. The second very important reason was that he had court on Thursday morning. Let me add he is not on trial for anything. He is an attorney so he had to go to court for a client. Any-who me being the WONDERFUL little sister that I am I told my brother that I would be his chauffeur for the day. This put a serious hitch in my normal Thursday morning routine. On Thursday’s my local Unique Thrift Stores have their early bird sale. What kind of thriftanista would I be if I didn’t at least poke my head in on a sale? However for my very AWESOME older brother I would just have to miss it. So on Thursday morning I picked him up, dropped my kids of at school and we headed off to court. While we were on the expressway I tried to decide what I would do to kill time while he was in court. The court-house was way out and I knew nothing about the area. We finally get off the expressway and as I turn the corner I see a strip mall. Of course the first thing I think is, it’s not thrifting but I guess it doesn’t hurt to look. I check out the Marque to see what stores they have and low and behold the sign said that they had a Unique Thrift Store. I know you are like shut-up and stop playing. Oh but I am sooooo serious. I looked at my brother and just started laughing. The “Thrifting Gods” were looking out for me. They put a Unique Thrift store 3 minutes from the court-house. Okay I know they didn’t create a Unique Thrift Store that morning and put it there for me. However the fact that it was so close to the court-house was a thrift blessing. I never knew there was a Unique out there. Actually it was a double blessing. I found a new store and was able to shop the early bird sale. I told you all the” Thrifting Gods” are REAL. Check out the pictures below to see my fabulous finds. I spent $9.00 and some change. Oh and did I mention that one of the items I found was a Diane Von Furstenburg top? I love being a thrifty fashionista! I would love to hear about your thrift miracles. Please leave your story in the comments section or email me at thethriftyfashionista@gmail.com.

Until Next Time Smooches,

The “Thrifty” Fashionista

I LOVE this Dress. The colors are absolutely fabulous!


My baby girl loves tutu’s


I LOVE black it makes me look skinny 🙂


Assemetric, animal print and Diane Von Furstenburg need I say more!

Sex In The City Anyone?

Good morning my fellow thriftanistas. If you are anything like me then at some point in time Sex in the City was one of your favorite shows. I can honestly say I didn’t really watch it for the interesting stories. Although the ladies and all their antics did keep things interesting. I watched it for the fabulous fashion. That show definitely set some major fashion trends. One item in particular made popular by the shows main character “Carrie Bradshaw” were Manolo Blahnik shoes. Now I am all into fashion but I have to be honest and say that I had never heard of Manolo’s until Carrie made them famous. Her style was not always for me but I love that she took fashion risk. However her shoe game was always kick ass. I myself have a fabulous shoe collection. Being on a single mama budget I never fathomed that I could be a Manolo wearing mama. To be honest even if I had the money I am way to cheap to ever spend upwards of $600 on one pair of shoes. If you are trying to figure out where I am going with this story, here comes the punch line. The THRIFTING GODS did it again. I was in my local thrift store one day last week perusing through the shoe isle when a pair of shoes caught my eye. They looked to be in good condition so I picked them up to take a closer look. Imagine my surprise when I say that they were a gently worn pair of MANOLO BLAHNIK’S. I told you all things just jump out at me. I had not even checked out the price yet but I knew they were going home with me. I figured hell even if they were over my usual $5.00 budget it was worth it. We are talking about a shoe that retails for over $600. I turned the shoe over and to my great joy they were……………$5.99. Yes you read that correctly FIVE DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENT. Haaallllllleeeellllluuuujjjjjaaaahhhh, I am a MANOLO WEARING MAMA. I have to tell you guys the excitement really doesn’t come from the fact that I now own a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. The excitement comes from the fact that I own a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s for $5.99. The fact that I was able to buy these shoes for $5.99 goes back to one of my first rules of thrifting. Go into the stores armed with knowledge. The store obviously did know what they had. I saw Nine West shoes priced higher. Their ignorance was my thrifting bliss. Take the time to learn fashion and brands. You can buy a good fashion magazine or use the internet to do research. If neither of those options appeal to you then just hire The “Thrifty” Fashionista. I can help you dress and look your best for much, much less. Yes I know that was a shameless plug but hell it’s my blog. You can find personal shopping information on my Lets Go Thrifting section.

Until Next Time Smooches,

My FABULOUS gently worn Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane’s

How can you beat $5.99???????

Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane’s from Sex In The City.

Neiman Marcus.com
Manolo Blahnik
Patent Leather Mary Jane, Black
$645.00. I will definitely take my $5.99 pair

I Have a Confession: I Thrift for Gifts

Hey my fellow thriftanistas HAPPY HUMP DAY.  This will be another short post as I have my 3-year-old busy body with me today. Hopefully if I run him around enough doing mommy’s errands he will come home and take a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG nap. Any-who I come before you today to CONFESS ALL MY SINS. Okay I have to laugh at myself because I sound so EXTRA dramatic. I can almost hear the dun, dun, dun like they have in suspense thrillers. My confession is not really that dramatic but some people may not agree with it. Are you ready, hear it comes……… I THRIFT FOR GIFTS. Yes you read that correctly, I give people thrifted items as gifts. Now before those non-thrifers go in on me, let me explain. Shopping thrift allows me to own the best items at phenomenal, rock bottom prices. I must also add that I am very good at what I do, I DON’T BUY JUNK.  Example while out thrifting yesterday I came across a cute pair of Salvatore Ferragamo cream and black patent leather slingback shoes. I saw them and immediately thought of my aunt. I remembered that my children and I had yet to give her something for mother’s day and I knew that these shoes would make the perfect gift. She LOVES nice things. Now with my very limited single mama bank account I could never afford to buy her a gift as nice as this. However through the magic of thrifting I was able to give her a pair of shoes that could have easily been $300 or $400 for $6.99. I can definitely afford $6.99. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t do this with everyone. I respect the fact that some people just don’t like secondhand merchandise. Those people although I love them get the CHEAP ASS gifts I can afford. However people like my aunt who is one of my fashion icons get the best my THRIFTY EYE can find. She is a thrifter and a Michigan Avenue shopper so she definitely understood the value of her gift. I don’t know if I ever told you all but I come from a long line of smart thrifty women. If I haven’t convinced you of the value in thrifting for gifts that’s okay. Just know that on your next birthday your gift from me is coming from WALMART. Oh and your budget is $6.99 too, which is about equivalent to a pack of underwear. FERRAGAMO’S or UNDERWEAR…….. you decide!

Until next time my fellow thriftanistas smooches,

The “Thrifty”Fashionista

This is an old picture but we were CUTE! (my little man Jackson)

Happy belated Mothers Day to my Auntie!!!!!!

$6.99 for some Ferragamo’s, who does that? Oh that’s right ME!

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