Thrifting BUY the LB!

Hey my fellow thriftanistas I will keep this post short and sweet. Recently one of my Local Salvation Army’s had a thirft BUY the LB (pound) sale. They had boxes, and boxes and more boxes of merchandise to look through. Oh and did I mention all the items were 87 cent a pound? Can you say phenomenal? I had never seen anything like it in my life. I have heard of stores doing this in other cities. However I never knew of anyone having this sale in Chicago. Of course you know THE THRIFTY FASHIONISTA had to check it out. I found some amazing thrifted treasures. There were to many to photograph so please check out the video below to see all of my fabulous finds. Spoiler alert I scored another pair of Manolo Blahnik’s.


The “Thrifty” Fashionista


The Thrifting Gods Are Real: Part 1

Good morning, my fellow thriftanistas I hope you had a great weekend and a fabulous Monday. I spent a wonderful weekend with my amazing family annnnnnddddddd the “Thrifting Gods” smiled upon me. If you are saying to yourself who are these “Thrifting Gods” she is always referring to let me tell you. This past Wednesday my big brother’s car had a serious meltdown. This was unfortunate for several reasons. The first reason being that this obviously left him without a car. The second very important reason was that he had court on Thursday morning. Let me add he is not on trial for anything. He is an attorney so he had to go to court for a client. Any-who me being the WONDERFUL little sister that I am I told my brother that I would be his chauffeur for the day. This put a serious hitch in my normal Thursday morning routine. On Thursday’s my local Unique Thrift Stores have their early bird sale. What kind of thriftanista would I be if I didn’t at least poke my head in on a sale? However for my very AWESOME older brother I would just have to miss it. So on Thursday morning I picked him up, dropped my kids of at school and we headed off to court. While we were on the expressway I tried to decide what I would do to kill time while he was in court. The court-house was way out and I knew nothing about the area. We finally get off the expressway and as I turn the corner I see a strip mall. Of course the first thing I think is, it’s not thrifting but I guess it doesn’t hurt to look. I check out the Marque to see what stores they have and low and behold the sign said that they had a Unique Thrift Store. I know you are like shut-up and stop playing. Oh but I am sooooo serious. I looked at my brother and just started laughing. The “Thrifting Gods” were looking out for me. They put a Unique Thrift store 3 minutes from the court-house. Okay I know they didn’t create a Unique Thrift Store that morning and put it there for me. However the fact that it was so close to the court-house was a thrift blessing. I never knew there was a Unique out there. Actually it was a double blessing. I found a new store and was able to shop the early bird sale. I told you all the” Thrifting Gods” are REAL. Check out the pictures below to see my fabulous finds. I spent $9.00 and some change. Oh and did I mention that one of the items I found was a Diane Von Furstenburg top? I love being a thrifty fashionista! I would love to hear about your thrift miracles. Please leave your story in the comments section or email me at

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The “Thrifty” Fashionista

I LOVE this Dress. The colors are absolutely fabulous!


My baby girl loves tutu’s


I LOVE black it makes me look skinny 🙂


Assemetric, animal print and Diane Von Furstenburg need I say more!

1 Small Bag + $10.00= 18 FABULOUS Thrifty Treasures

Hey my fellow thriftanistas yesterday I went to Unique Thrift Store’s $10.00 Bag Sale. If you have never been to a bag sale let me break it down for you. The store gives you an empty shopping bag (in this case a small bag). You can fill that bag up with any of the qualifying sale merchandise. When your done filling up your bag you take it to the register and the whole bag (everything in it) is $10.00. Some restrictions and rules apply. Needless to say I had an absolute BALL at this sale. I can pack a bag like nobody’s business. Check out the video below to see how I used 1 bag and $10.00 to get 18 fabulous finds.

The “Thrifty” Fashionista

Sex In The City Anyone?

Good morning my fellow thriftanistas. If you are anything like me then at some point in time Sex in the City was one of your favorite shows. I can honestly say I didn’t really watch it for the interesting stories. Although the ladies and all their antics did keep things interesting. I watched it for the fabulous fashion. That show definitely set some major fashion trends. One item in particular made popular by the shows main character “Carrie Bradshaw” were Manolo Blahnik shoes. Now I am all into fashion but I have to be honest and say that I had never heard of Manolo’s until Carrie made them famous. Her style was not always for me but I love that she took fashion risk. However her shoe game was always kick ass. I myself have a fabulous shoe collection. Being on a single mama budget I never fathomed that I could be a Manolo wearing mama. To be honest even if I had the money I am way to cheap to ever spend upwards of $600 on one pair of shoes. If you are trying to figure out where I am going with this story, here comes the punch line. The THRIFTING GODS did it again. I was in my local thrift store one day last week perusing through the shoe isle when a pair of shoes caught my eye. They looked to be in good condition so I picked them up to take a closer look. Imagine my surprise when I say that they were a gently worn pair of MANOLO BLAHNIK’S. I told you all things just jump out at me. I had not even checked out the price yet but I knew they were going home with me. I figured hell even if they were over my usual $5.00 budget it was worth it. We are talking about a shoe that retails for over $600. I turned the shoe over and to my great joy they were……………$5.99. Yes you read that correctly FIVE DOLLARS AND NINETY NINE CENT. Haaallllllleeeellllluuuujjjjjaaaahhhh, I am a MANOLO WEARING MAMA. I have to tell you guys the excitement really doesn’t come from the fact that I now own a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s. The excitement comes from the fact that I own a pair of Manolo Blahnik’s for $5.99. The fact that I was able to buy these shoes for $5.99 goes back to one of my first rules of thrifting. Go into the stores armed with knowledge. The store obviously did know what they had. I saw Nine West shoes priced higher. Their ignorance was my thrifting bliss. Take the time to learn fashion and brands. You can buy a good fashion magazine or use the internet to do research. If neither of those options appeal to you then just hire The “Thrifty” Fashionista. I can help you dress and look your best for much, much less. Yes I know that was a shameless plug but hell it’s my blog. You can find personal shopping information on my Lets Go Thrifting section.

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My FABULOUS gently worn Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane’s

How can you beat $5.99???????

Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane’s from Sex In The City.

Manolo Blahnik
Patent Leather Mary Jane, Black
$645.00. I will definitely take my $5.99 pair

Thrifty Quote of the Day!

When you’re thrifty, you have a great opportunity; an opportunity to help others by spreading your knowledge and sharing your resources – author unknown.

These are words that I live by. I love to help others by spreading my LOVE and KNOWLEDGE of thrifting.


The “Thrifty” Fashionista

I’m Back…………..Again!

Hey my fellow thriftanistas I know it has been awhile since my last FABULOUS blog. However life has been very busy and exciting over my way. I don’t know if I have ever shared with you guys that my daughter Jordan is a budding dancer and actress. She has been dancing since she was 3 and acting since she was 6. So, in addition to being” The Thrifty Fashionista”, I am a stage mom. For those of you that may have children in the arts you know that this can be a very hectic existence. She loves every minute of it. I know your like okay get to the exciting news. Drum Roll Please……….. my daughter has been cast in her first movie. If you could see my face you would see me smiling from ear to ear. I am so proud and excited for her. However this has been severely limiting my Thrifty Fashionista time. We have been hard at word learning her script. The movie starts shooting June 16. I hope to be able to get a better handle on my time because I LOVE sharing my thrifty exploits with you guys. However I have to be honest and say that I will probably be a nutty nut case until the end of June. Now I know your next question is has “The Thrifty Fashionista” actually been too busy to thrift? Ohhhhh no I am never to busy to get a little thrifting in. I told you all thrifting is my stress reliever. I have done some fabulous thrifting which I will share with you in upcoming blogs. Don’t be surprised if you get 3 blogs in one day. I am trying to play catch up. In addition I have to write when I can squeeze it in. I will definitely keep you all updated on my thrifty exploits as well as my daughters movie journey. Until next time I leave you with a thrifty look of the day and a picture of my beautiful budding starlet.


The “Thrifty” Fashionista


I LOVE THIS DRESS. Thrifted dress $2.00, Earrings $1.00 hollar, Bracelets $1.00 each and sandals $4.99 brand new from CONWAY.


Meet my little starlet Jordan Kennedy!