Thrifty Find Of The Day

Hey my fellow thriftanistas today was Unique Thrift Stores Early Bird Thursday sale. Everything in the store was between 25% to 50% off. I stopped by to take a quick peak and found 2 pair of fabulous shoes. One pair of my “new” shoes were by Betsey Johnson and the other brand I had never heard of but they were cute, which is all that really matters. Oh and did I mention one pair of shoes were $5.49 and the other was $5.99. Two pair of HOT shoes for less than the price of one. I was in thrifty shoe heaven today. Check out the pictures below to see the “new” shoes that stole my heart and became part of my shoe family :).

Until Next Time Smooches,

The “Thrifty” Fashionista

I LOVE THESE!!!!!! (Betsy Johnson)


$5.49 need I say more




$5.99 usually over my budget but I couldn’t leave these :).


Thrifty Quote of The Day

“Thrift…is more than the mere practice of saving money: it implies rather a denunciation of every form of waste, not only of money, but of time, energy, talents, and other assets of mankind.” ~ ‘World Thrift Day,’ The Times, October 26, 1938.


4 Stores, 2 Days, 1 AMAZING Haul!

Good afternoon my fellow thriftanistas. Sorry I have been out of touch the last couple days. I have not sat still since Saturday. Between my daughters performances and my son being a little under the weather it has been a busy stretch of days. Hectic times like this is when I NEED to thrift the most. Thrifting is a great stress reliever. It’s almost better than ………. well maybe not quit lol. Any-who me being who I am I could not have gotten through the last couple days without out my thrift fix. What can I say? I truly have a thrifting addiction. So with minimal time I found my way to 4 stores in 2 days and have 1 amazing haul to share with you all. Thrifting addiction completely SATISFIED. I think I even have an afterglow. Okay you all know I’m silly :). Until next time my fellow thriftanistas SMOOCHES!

P.S. I went to Unique, Salvation Army, The Village and Goodwill

Thrifted from Head to Toe. Juicy Couture Dress $.90 special (90 cent). Thrifted neckage $2.00. $1.00 hollar earrings, thrifted hat $2.00 (last year find), fringe boots $6.99.

Another Juicy Couture Dress $3.49

BCBG MAX AZRIA $.90 (90 cent special)

Another $.90 (90 cent special). I love the pockets on this dress.

Denim Romper $2.50

Another Cute Romper $3.99

Cute Arden B.  $.90 (90 cent special)

Another Cute Romper $2.56

Cute Floral Dress $.90 (90 cent special)

Fabulous STEVEN by Steve Madden Shoes $3.49

I LOVE THRIFTING!!!!!!!!!!!!

Confession Friday: I AM CHEAP & PROUD Of IT!

Hey my fellow thriftanistas I have dubbed today CONFESSION FRIDAY. The title of my blog is Confessions of a Thrift Store Fashionista, so I decided I better start confessing. Today’s confession has two parts. Confession one “I’M CHEAP”. I have no intention on dressing that statement up. Being a great thrifter has made me cheap, frugal, penny-wise, miserly and any other word to describe a cheapskate.  Part two of my confession I am proud to be “cheap”. Being sooooooooooo cheap in my opinion allows me to see the true value in things. Example I went to the mall yesterday. I know what your thinking “you go to the mall?” The answer is yes. I am not always in the thrift stores. I occasionally shop retail but it has to be ON SALE. Oh and when I say on sale I don’t mean those little 25% off sales. Your girl needs an EXTREME discount. I digress back to my story. While in the mall yesterday I went into Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe. They had some very cute stuff. I saw a couple of dresses I wanted. However the “cheap girl” who sits on my shoulder said “why would you pay $25.00 for a dress when you can find a similar one at the thrift store for a couple bucks”. Of course you know the cheap girl in me won that argument easily. They did have some very cute sale items though. My budget for one item in a store like Charlotte Russe is $10 bucks. Their merchandise turns over quickly and they always have something on sale. What………… I see you peering at me through your computer screen, but hell I told you I was CHEAP. I had the same experience at Forever 21. It’s not that their clothes are expensive but when your average piece of fabulous clothing is $2.00 or $3.00, then $25.00 seems like a lot. I know my true thrifters understand. However don’t think my mall excursion was a total loss. I am “The Thrifty Fashionista” so I can find a deal anywhere. On to my next store Claire’s. Now for those that don’t know Claire’s is an accessory store. They carry jewelry, hair accessories, hats, shoes, purses and other little trinkets. The store is really geared towards tweens and teens. However I have always been a Claire’s fan and they have the most awesome sales. In the past I bought my daughter 6 pair of fabulous rain boots and they were on clearance for $2.60 a pair. The other thing I love to purchase from Claire’s are their hats. I have a peanut head and their hats actually come in sizes and not one size fits all. Several times a year they have a 50% to 75% off sale and everything is really cheap, especially their hats. Any-who I poked my head in their store yesterday and was pleasantly surprised to find that they had a wonderful sale going on. All redline hats were $2.00. The cheap girl in me said HALLELUJAH, I struck hat gold. I bought every hat that would fit my head. A total of 6 fabulous hats for $12.00. I also purchased a couple $2.00 scarves. I spent a total of $20.00 plus tax. My cheapness (not sure if that’s a word) paid off, instead of getting 1 item for $20.00, I got 10. I don’t know about your math but mine says I got more BANG for my buck. CHEAP GIRL SATISFIED :)!

Until next time my fellow thriftanistas smooches,

The “Thrifty” Fashionista

I'm a hat girl!

I’m a hat girl!

P.S. You can also shop their sale online

Love this hat and scarf, plus my dollar hollar earrings.

Love this hat and scarf, plus my dollar hollar earrings.

I have on this hat today with my thrifted Akira Black Label Dress.

I have on this hat today with my thrifted Akira Black Label Dress.

Hot Floral Print

Love this color

I Have a Confession: I Thrift for Gifts

Hey my fellow thriftanistas HAPPY HUMP DAY.  This will be another short post as I have my 3-year-old busy body with me today. Hopefully if I run him around enough doing mommy’s errands he will come home and take a LONGGGGGGGGGGGG nap. Any-who I come before you today to CONFESS ALL MY SINS. Okay I have to laugh at myself because I sound so EXTRA dramatic. I can almost hear the dun, dun, dun like they have in suspense thrillers. My confession is not really that dramatic but some people may not agree with it. Are you ready, hear it comes……… I THRIFT FOR GIFTS. Yes you read that correctly, I give people thrifted items as gifts. Now before those non-thrifers go in on me, let me explain. Shopping thrift allows me to own the best items at phenomenal, rock bottom prices. I must also add that I am very good at what I do, I DON’T BUY JUNK.  Example while out thrifting yesterday I came across a cute pair of Salvatore Ferragamo cream and black patent leather slingback shoes. I saw them and immediately thought of my aunt. I remembered that my children and I had yet to give her something for mother’s day and I knew that these shoes would make the perfect gift. She LOVES nice things. Now with my very limited single mama bank account I could never afford to buy her a gift as nice as this. However through the magic of thrifting I was able to give her a pair of shoes that could have easily been $300 or $400 for $6.99. I can definitely afford $6.99. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t do this with everyone. I respect the fact that some people just don’t like secondhand merchandise. Those people although I love them get the CHEAP ASS gifts I can afford. However people like my aunt who is one of my fashion icons get the best my THRIFTY EYE can find. She is a thrifter and a Michigan Avenue shopper so she definitely understood the value of her gift. I don’t know if I ever told you all but I come from a long line of smart thrifty women. If I haven’t convinced you of the value in thrifting for gifts that’s okay. Just know that on your next birthday your gift from me is coming from WALMART. Oh and your budget is $6.99 too, which is about equivalent to a pack of underwear. FERRAGAMO’S or UNDERWEAR…….. you decide!

Until next time my fellow thriftanistas smooches,

The “Thrifty”Fashionista

This is an old picture but we were CUTE! (my little man Jackson)

Happy belated Mothers Day to my Auntie!!!!!!

$6.99 for some Ferragamo’s, who does that? Oh that’s right ME!

Happy Mothers Day to My Fellow Thriftanistas!

Hey my fellow thriftanistas I will keep today’s post short and sweet. I just wanted to wish you all a very Happy Mothers Day. I hope you are having a wonderful day with the ones you love.  I am spending my day with the little people who inspire everything I do, my daughter and son. We have spent the day with my very amazing, awesome, outstanding, beautiful mom. Oh but don’t think I left thrifting out of this mothers day equation. You know THE “THRIFTY” FASHIONISTA never misses out on a good sale. I took full advantage of the 50% off Mothers Day Sales going on in my neck of the woods. Pictures and video coming this week.

Until Next Time Smooches,

The “Thrifty” Fashionista

The Loves of My Life (and yes they are thrifted from head to toe) 🙂

I Stole a Man’s “VIRGINITY”………Read Below!

Hey my fellow thriftanistas happy Thursday. I hope you are having an absolutely amazing week. My week has been pretty damn great so far. On Tuesday I took a brand new client on my one on one Thrift In The City Chicago Shopping Tour. Did I mention said client was a man? Did I also mention he was a “THRIFTING VIRGIN”? I know right a man that’s a “VIRGIN” go figure. Needless to say I was super excited to take him on his first foray into my world. It brings me so much joy when I can expose someone to the benefits of thrifting. I think it was especially exciting because often times men are under the misconception that thrift stores don’t have anything for them. I was more than happy to dispel that myth for him. We went to 2 different stores and I gave him a thrift 101 lesson. Many people don’t realize that there is an art to thrifting. If you are a novice you could get lost, overwhelmed and spend waaaaaayyyyyyyy to much money. This is where I come in. I walk people through the rules of thrifting and show them how to maximize their money. Even in a thrift store you want to get the most bang for your buck. However I digress, back to my client. He was truly amazed by all of the great things we found to complement his existing wardrobe. He could not believe they had so many name-brand items at those phenomenal prices. In the end we bought 11 shirts, 4 pair of jeans, 2 pair of black slacks and 3 suit jackets for a grand total of $50.00. That is less than the price of one pair of jeans. Needless to say he now has the thrifting bug. His excitement gave me my thrifting fix for the day. I must say it’s been a long time since I was a man’s first lol. I popped that thrifting cherry and am proud of it. I was gentle with him though :). In the end it was a wonderful experience for us both. Pictures of his fabulous new wardrobe and his testimonial coming soon.

Until Next Time Smooches,

The “Thrifty” Fashionista

Thrifted Dress $.90 (90 cent)
Thrifted Belt $.96 (96 cent)
Earrings Beauty Supply $1.00
Thrifted Necklace $1.00
Thrifted Tank Top $.90 (90 cent)
Thrifted Boots 2 years old $5.99 ( I Think)
Thrifted Cuteness PRICELESS!!!!!

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