I Have Returned!!!!!!!

Hey, my fellow thriftanistas I know it has been a while but I have had a LOTTTTTTTT going on. First my mom’s house ate my keys. Yeah I know you are saying to yourself how did the house eat the keys? I am still asking myself the same damn question. I have like 20 keys on my key chain so for the life off me I can’t figure out how that many keys came up missing. I suspect my 3-year-old. Then on top of that my mom’s house ate the container that the spare key was in. Yes this is a true story. I ended up being locked out of my house and car for 3 days. I had to get my house and car re-keyed (with my loving parents help). After I finally got back into my house and car the cord for my laptop died. Yes again this is a true story. We are all grown so you know as the old saying goes “WHEN IT RAINS IT POURS”. However things are finally starting to get back on track so, BABY I’M BACK!!!!

Now on to what I LOVE to talk about clothing and thrifting. Before all the madness that is my life kicked in I embarked on an endeavor. I did a spring PURGE. I went through all of the clothing and shoes in my house to get rid of what we didn’t need. I don’t want to become a hoarder so I had to get rid of some old to make room for some ” new”. I keep my clothing and my children’s clothing in excellent condition so most of the things I purge get donated to charity. The things that are GARBAGE get put directly into the garbage. For those that don’t know I have a problem with people who donate GARBAGE ( things with holes, rips, stains, fading and are just ultimately disgusting). I feel like a donation should be something you would be proud to see another person get use out of. Okay I am off my soap box now. Any who I donated ton’s of bags to my local Amvet and a couple of bags to a local shelter. Check out the video below to see my purging journey. Disclaimer: not all the bags of clothes actually came out of our closets. The greater portion of  the bags were clothing from my boutique. Coming up next my $10 or less series continues, more fantastic videos and footage from me out and about in my local thrift stores. Until next time my fellow Thriftanistas, Smooches!!!!!

Donate, Donate, Donate!!!!!


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  1. Jeni Johnson
    May 26, 2012 @ 04:47:22

    Loved those heels!


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