What Does a $2.00 Shoe Look Like?

Hey, my fellow thriftanistas I hope you all are having a fabulous Friday. I apologize for not posting this past week but HECTIC life was going on all around me. Sick babies, crazy meetings, long late night conversations  ( well that wasn’t so bad) and just being exhausted was what my week consisted off.  I was really upset that I was unable to bring you guys stories from my recent thrifting adventures. However have know fear THE THRIFTY FASHIONISTA is here (what can I say my son likes Underdog). I have a lot to catch you up on, but I will start with my fabulous find of the day. Let me start by saying this is NOT a thrifted item. I do shop retail occasionally. Ultimately I will go wherever there is a deal to be had. However because shopping thrift has made me so frugal (CHEAP), it has to be one hell of a steal. Which brings me to this question. Do you all know what a brand spanking new $2.00 pair of shoes looks like? Well I didn’t either until the other day. Check out the FABULOUS black stiletto’s with zebra print fabric that I scored from Simply Fashion for $2.00.



Now you know I could not leave those in the store. I can already see myself going out looking hot in those for 1 good hour. My knees are bad so that is all they will last. It’s cool though because at least I will look fabulous walking in. It was so funny because I don’t think the manager even remembered that they were down there. When I brought them to the register he said ” Girl don’t tell nobody you bought some $2.00 shoes from here, they will mob the store to see if we have  anymore”. I told him don’t worry it would be our little secret. Okay so I told a little white lie. You all know I don’t keep anything THRIFTY a secret. Any-who my loves I just wanted to check in. Up next polka dots, polka dots, polka dots. More blogs and videos coming soon. Until next time my fellow thriftanistas.


The Thrifty Fashionista

$2.00 Hollar!!!!



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