I am a self-proclaimed thrifting addict. If there was a meeting to go to I would have to stand up and say “hi my name is Joslyn and I am a thrift-a-holic”. The good and I guess the bad part of this is that I am okay with my addiction. Thrifting gives me a thrill, puts a smile on my face, keeps me and my family looking fabulous and saves me some much-needed money. I also enjoy the hunt! I know it may sound crazy to some but I get the greatest high when I purchase a $60 or $70 item for 2 bucks. In addition by recycling clothing I am doing something good for my planet. Okay I know you are all thinking this sounds great but don’t addictions have a bad side? The answer to this question would be YES. Downsides to a thrifting addiction can be hoarding and over shopping. The way to avoid these things is by purging. For every set of new items you bring in your house there should be something that goes in the donation pile. You are one person so there is only so many fabulous items you need at one time. Also when you are shopping keep in mind what you already have in your closet. Thrift Stores have so many fabulous finds that it can be easy to buy the same style item several times over. I unfortunately have this problem quit often. With that being said I recently decided I wouldn’t do anymore thrifting until I purged some of the fabulous thrifted items I already had. This included cleaning out my children’s over stuffed closets. I did not thrift for 1 week and I tell you it was TORTURE. However 1 week and 5 big garbage bags later and I was ready to thrift again. I went on my first thrifting excursion on Friday. I bought some FABULOUS items and spent $18.00. THE THRIFTY FASHIONISTA IS BACK! Hey, what can I say I told you I was ADDICTED. Are you addicted to thrifting? I would love to hear your story. Until next time have a fabulous thrifty day.


The Thrifty Fashionista

The New Me for Spring 2012. I am in my thrifted vintage Diane Von Furstenburg top. It was bought on my Friday Adventure.

From my Friday Thrifting adventure. Akira Black Label Dress.


Hot, Hot, Hot


Summer Pedicure here I come!


I can already feel the breeze on my fabulous thrifted feet 🙂



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