The End of Winter is Near and I’m Ready to TRANSITION Into My Spring Gear!!!

Transition means the movement, passage, or change from one position to another. As winter come to a close, spring looms on the horizon. This puts our wardrobes in that pesky transition phase. We ask ourselves questions like do I still put on a heavy coat and boots or can I just rock a leather jacket and some cute heels? The answer to both of these questions is yes. If you live in a climate that’s anything like Chicago, it may snow one day and be 50 degrees the next. I do mean that literally. For this reason I am not packing away any winter clothes just yet. However I am not buying anymore winter clothing either. On my latest thrifting excursions I have tried to concentrate on items that will transition my wardrobe from Winter to Spring. I have bought floral patterns, bright colors, short sleeves and even some mini skirts. Some things are just so cute I can’t even wait until Spring is officially here to wear them. To solve this problem I layer. This means if I have a cute spring shirt that I am dying to wear NOW, I will just throw on a fab sweater or jacket for extra warmth. The same goes for my eye-catching mini’s. I pair a hot short skirt or dress with a cute pair of tights or leggings and I’m ready to go. My video below shows you some great transitional pieces I bought on my latest thrifting adventure. I also took one of the items to show you guys how to rock it now. Please watch the video and leave me a comment. I love your feedback. Have a fabulous day my fellow thriftanistas. Oh and just a friendly reminder Unique Thrift Stores 50% sale is TODAY. Happy Thrifting!!!


The Thrifty Fashionista

Cute olive-green mini dress (yes this is a dress) with a fab pair of brown tights.


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