Thrifting Is A Family Affair

In my family thrifting is a way of life. It was passed down from my great grandmother (Granny), to my grandmother (Dear), to my mother, to me  and now to my children. My babies have been thrifting with me since they made there debut into this world. I would pop their car seat on top of the cart and away we would go. Believe it or not thrifting with them when they were little was much easier than it is now. The difficulty now lies in the fact that they have these pesky things called OPINIONS. You know how that goes ” Mommy I don’t want that red shirt because my favorite color is pink THIS WEEK”. I know all my parents out there understand. Then you have those fickle teenagers like my 15 year old little cousin/ god son who is just a tad high maintenance. Tad being a great understatement, but I love him anyway.  His favorite place to shop is on Michigan Avenue. However when his high end taste don’t match his moms very reasonable budget he calls me and to the thrift stores we go. I usually take the kids shopping with me on one of the many days they are out of school. Side Note: These kids are out of school more than anything I have ever seen. Hell they are out of school today. Okay I digressed for a minute, back to thrifting. On our latest family thrifting excursion we decided to venture forth and find new thrifting territory. In the world of thrifting you have to shop everywhere. Looking for new places to shop yields two possible results. Result A you find a new thrifting hot spot or result B you find out that you never have to visit that store again. Our latest thrifty excursion gave us a new thrifty hot spot.

On this day we weren’t looking for anything in particular, which made our fabulous finds even better. Once we arrived at the store I walked around for a minute to get the lay of the land, then the fun began. I be-lined for my favorite spot the shoe aisle. This yielded my 13th pair of Ugg’s. I found a cute pair of Ugg ballet flats for $5.45. They were also 50% off which bought the grand total to $2.72. I swear I need a T.V. show to document my exploits. That was just the beginning of my fabulous finds for the day. I started this story by telling you all that I was thrifting with the kids. Truthfully my kids don’t need anything. When your mama is the QUEEN of thrift clothing is never a problem. However my little cousin did take a gander to see what he could find. On his own he found two very nice sweaters. I was impressed they were definitely his style and under $3.00. I do believe I am rubbing off on that kid. So with Ugg’s in hand and two “new” sweaters under our belt we decided to it was time to go. In true fashionista form however I had to take one last look before we headed to the door. That’s when as always something caught my THRIFTY EYE. Four racks of new clothing had just been rolled out of the back. One rack had a very eye catching sweater with beautiful blues and greens. I moved in to take a closer look. I pulled the sweater off the rack and found that it was an authentic men’s Coogi. For those that don’t know Coogi is a popular brand of clothing sold in various retail clothing stores across the country. They are known for their bright, multi-color, intricately woven knit wear. Authentic Coogi sweaters will run any wear from $200 to $400. Did I mention the sweater was $3.93. I put it in my cart and went to find my little cousin. I showed him the sweater and I swear he took it out my hand so fast that he chipped my nail. As high maintenance as he is, he can even see the value in getting a $300 sweater for $3.93. We headed to the cash register with smiles on our faces and our purchases in hand. All in all it turned out to be a great family thrifting day. I love my adventures and getting to share them with my fabulous family makes them that much more exciting. I hope you will take your next journey with the ones you love. Remember thrifting is a family affair.


The Thrifty Fashionista

Coogi Sweater $3.93

Sky in his "new" Coogi

"New" Ugg Ballet Flats

$5.45 with 50% off= $2.72


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