I Bought 12 pair of UGG’s For Less Than The Price of 1

I am a firm believer in the theory that you can find almost anything fashionable at the thrift store. If you don’t believe me just go to your local drug store or newsstand and pick up the latest fashion magazine (People Style Watch is my favorite). I am willing to bet 90% of what you see in the magazine can be found while thrifting. Keep in mind that most fashion repeats itself. That means you are sure to find vintage variations of most current trends in the thrift store. If you are saying to yourself vintage is cool, but can I find current hot name brands? The answer to this question is YES.

Case in point one of the hottest trends around is the UGG boot. People pay upwards of $200 to have fashionably, warm feet. I personally had not bought a pair UGG’s because it is against my thrifty nature to spend $200 on one pair of shoes. Hello, for me $200 is a bill. However this is where the thrifting Gods stepped in. One day while in a thrift store looking through racks of shoes and boots a warm looking pair of black boots caught my eye. On further inspection I realized it was a  pair of UGG’s. The really amazing part of the story is that they were $2.90. Now they weren’t in brand new condition, but they were in good enough condition for me. However the story doesn’t end there. I put my “New” UGG’s in my cart and continued down the aisle only to spot a second pair of UGG’s. The second pair was tan and I can only assume were donated together with the first pair. Oh and did I mention they were $2.90 as well. What can I say some thrifting excursions are not just good, there GREAT. Two pair of UGG’s for $5.80. Little did I know that was just the beginning of my UGG finding adventures. Since then I have amassed a total of 12 pair of UGG’s. Ten pair came from local thrift stores and two pair from a fabulous garage sale that I happened upon. At this point my eye is even trained to spot the thick fur lining of a Ugg boot as opposed to the thin imitation versions. Check out the prices of my UGG collection.

Cream High Boots $3.95

Brown High Boots $9.99

$3.95 yellow YAY!!!

$9.99 Pink Baby!!!!!

Black Short Boot $2.90

Tan Short Boot $2.90

Hot Pink Boot $20.00

Short Brown Boot $20.00

Tan Tweed Boot $9.99

Black and White Boot $12.99

Black Short Boot $5.99

Tall Light Pink Boot $6.99

Tall Tan Boot $4.99

Short Brown Boot $6.99

GRAND TOTAL: $107.68

UGG's, UGG's, UGG's

I know I said this in a previous blog but “Damn I’m GOOD”! Have I convinced you to go thrifting yet? If not keep reading and I promise I will. Tommorow Gucci, Gucci, Gucci.


The Thrifty Fashionista


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kimmiesays
    Feb 02, 2012 @ 16:33:18

    You’ve convinced me that I need to hire YOU to go thrifting for me!!!! Awesome!


  2. Marki
    Feb 06, 2012 @ 10:21:03

    Girrl, now you know that you BEEN CONVINCED ME! Baby Noah has a wardrobe od a grown man. Like he has a job to go to everyday. And I spend any where from .45 to 4.00 for shirts, shoes, and pants. A lot og which had never been worn. PEOPLE BETTER LISTEN TO YOU!


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