People often ask me how I am able to find such awesome treasures at the thrift store. My answer to this question is KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! In all aspects of my life I try to come to the table with as much knowledge of my subject as possible. That is especially true where thrifting is concerned. I go thrifting armed with my knowledge of fashion, fabrics, designers, current trends, vintage design, jewelry, etc. These things are important because they give me the ability to recognize phenomenal thrifty treasures. I can recognize fabulous finds even when the thrift stores themselves don’t realize what they have. Example in a previous blog I discussed a sheared mink coat I got for my mom for $39.99. It was obvious the thrift store did not realize the coat was mink. If they had I guarantee you the price tag would have been much higher. Fortunately my knowledge of fur allowed me to recognize the coat for what it was and know it’s value. I quickly took the coat of the stores hands. 🙂

Thrift store 101, most thrift stores have a basic list they use to price their merchandise. They use these list because not all of their employees are knowledgeable of the value of things. The list allows their employees to easily price the loads of merchandise that come through their doors. Most thrift stores also make it a part of their practice to keep up with popular brands. For example you may see a Coach purse (which is a well known brand) priced higher than your average fashion purse. In this case the store recognizes the value of a Coach and prices it accordingly. The flip side of this scenario is that there are brands that they have NO clue about. This is definitely to your advantage. An example of this is St. John Knit. For those that don’t know St. John is a pricey clothing collection sold in higher end stores. A pair of St. John pants may cost you upwards of $350.00. To the untrained eye St. John may look like any other knit suit. However this is where being knowledgeable comes in handy. A month and a half ago I was perusing through the suit aisle in my local thrift store. I get half way through the suits when I put my hands on a 3 piece knit suit. Closer inspection revealed that it was a St. John Knit. The price on the yellow ticket was $8.99. The thrift stores lack of knowledge was my personal gain. I got a suit that  retails for $1,000 for $8.99.  Can you say AMAZING FIND! Remember a true FASHIONISTA knows all things fashion. I will end this post as I began, KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. Take your knowledge and let the treasure hunt begin.


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  1. Sherry
    Jan 27, 2012 @ 16:17:25

    thanks again for the advice…I guess that’s what makes you the Fashionista who finds treasures…I’m ok with trinkets (have to step my game up a notch)!


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