Thrifty Confession#1

Happy New Year all my fellow thrifters and thrift newbies. Thank you for checking out Confessions of a Thrift Store Fashionista. I will be your eyes, ears and guide to everything hot in the world of thrifting. Make sure you stay tuned as I take you on my thrifting exploits and give you my daily thrift confessions. This year is already off to an exciting start for me. Tuesday I was interviewed on a local T.V. show for an episode about thrifting. I discussed my upcoming business venture as an image and personal thrift consultant  as well as gave some of my top thrifting tips. I will get back to you soon with show date and time. 

Now on to the good stuff, My Daily Confession. Can’t you just hear Usher playing in the background? Okay but I digress. Confession # 1 I thrift DAILY. I realize to some this may seem extreme but for my die hard thrifters I know you feel me. As the old adage goes I don’t smoke, drink, or get high, thrifting is my fabulous addiction. The thrill is in the treasure hunt. I rarely go looking for anything in particular which leaves me open to all the possibilities. I spend very little cash daily but I have NEVER met a thrift store that didn’t have something to offer me. Sometimes it’s just that one great item that catches my eye and I know it has to go home with me. Today’s item was fabulous beyond belief. Are you ready for it? I found a JIMMY CHOO leather and suede purse for $8.90.  Now for all my fashionista’s you know I could not leave JIMMY all by his lonely sitting on the shelf. He absolutely had to go home with me. I know you would have done the same. On top of that I get home and google the purse and get the news that the bag retails for $1,995. Yes I typed it correctly not $19.95 but $1,995.  I have to be honest my money is not plentiful so who knows when I would have ever been able to afford JIMMY CHOO. I consider this my thrift blessing for the day. Did I meantion I LOVE THRIFTING and I’M GOOD AT IT! If you are not a thrifter you should be. However stick with me and I will make you a convert. Thanks for reading my confession. Check back tommorow for my next confession and another thrift miracle.


The Thrifty Fashionista

P.S. The green vintage coat is thrifted too.

Expandable purse zipped

Lovely Price Tag!!!!!!!

Lovely Price Tag!!!!!!!

JIMMY CHOO purse expanded


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  1. MB
    Jan 07, 2012 @ 03:35:45

    What a fabulous find!


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